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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boracay the world's most beautiful tropical island

Boracay is known as an island paradise because of its powder white beaches and crystal blue water, tropical palms and flowering plants, and a healthy marine life under the seas. Boracay is the Beach Capital of the Philippines and is one the major destinations / tourist spots in the world. In fact, Boracay is often called "the world's most beautiful tropical island."

Boracay was then called "Land of the Atis" because the first settlers of the island are the Negritos or Atis. The Negritos farmed and fished in Boracay for centuries. During the 1940's and 1950's, the Boracaynons or the people of Boracay, depended largely on fishing and coconut plantation. Copra, the dried meat of coconut, was traded to businessmen from Aklan in exchange for rice and other goods and commodities. 

In the 1960's and 1970's, Boracay became popular among families from Panay. When a German writer published a book about the Philippines in 1978, describing Boracay history and the beautiful island in details, the island was introduced to the world. This mark the beginning of tourist "boom" with tourist. 

Since then, The onset of tourism changed Boracay completely. As word of its exceptional beauty--specifically the immaculate white sands of White Beach spread, tourists began arriving. Suddenly, from a sleepy, sparsely populated island, Boracay was transformed into a major destination on the international travel circuit. Whether the change was for the better or worse is an open question, but it was certainly a turning point in the history of Boracay Island.

The following are some of the countless activities that Boracay offers: 
Scuba Diving (diving lessons taught in German, French and other languages) 
Glass Bottom Boat Trip ,Banana Riding ,Water Skiing ,Parasailing ,Snorkeling ,Skimboarding 

There are no airports on Boracay Island. The most convenient route by air is to fly by plane from the domestic airport in Manila or Cebu to Caticlan, an airport on the neighboring island of Panay. Alternatively, you can fly with Philippine Airlines from Manila domestic airport to Kalibo Airport, then take an air-conditioned bus from Kalibo to Caticlan. Once you reach the port of Caticlan, you can then take a boat to Boracay.

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